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Performance Monitoring Overview[edit]

  • This website needs performance testing in regular intervals to guarantee optimal performance for our visitors to prevent issues due to new scripts etc
  • For that we created a account. We also use
  • Below there are performance test templates (how to perform a metric test) and the metric results from the last tests
  • The date format is usually YYMMDD.HHMM
  • New tests can be added in their respective new chapters (headlines)
  • Use the TOC to navigate to the different tests
  • For implementation details see Dev/mediawiki#Performance_Testing

Currently unused testing options[edit]


  • Every page on the wiki can be called with the url parameter ?debug=true
  • This changes how page is loaded. And scripts and CSS are not compressed


  • Every page can also use the url parameter dontload
  • You can find the complete documentation for this here

Actual Tests[edit]

Landing Page Test (gtmetrics)[edit]

  • To see how the page loading is affected use multiple runs of the same tests on gtmetrics
  • Perfom test runs of each of the following tests and write down the result for the given properties (Gr = grade, Pf = performance, St = structure, Cl = cumulative layout shift)
  • London x Unthrottled (L)
  • London x 4G slow (L4)
  • Vancouver x Unthrottled (V)
Date L Gr L Pf L St L Cl L4 Gr L4 Pf L4 St L4 Cl V Gr V Pf V St V Cl
221015.0940 B 82 92 0.00 C 63 87 0.03 B 74 91 0.03
221014.1540 B 81 91 0.00 C 64 88 0.03 B 75 90 0.03