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Kicksecure ™ is available on the following platforms.

Hardware / Host : Install Kicksecure ™ as a host operating system (OS)

Virtual Machines : Install Kicksecure ™ inside a virtual machine (VM)

Special : For expert users specialized use cases

Read more about which version is best for you.

Logo Version Knowledge
Cd-rom-icon.png ISO Not available yet. In development. There is no ETA (estimated time of arrival) yet. Check back later. → Are you a developer? Please contribute to the Kicksecure ™ Freedom Software project to make the ISO available faster.
Logo-debian-500x500.png Debian Install Kicksecure on top of Debian (distribution morphing)
Logo-windows-500x500.png Windows run Kicksecure ™ in virtualizer VirtualBox
Logo-apple-500x500.png Apple run Kicksecure ™ in virtualizer VirtualBox
Logo-linux-500x500.png Linux run Kicksecure ™ in virtualizer VirtualBox (Linux installer)
Logo-virtualbox-500x500.png VirtualBox run Kicksecure ™ in virtualizer VirtualBox
Logo-qubes-500x500.png Qubes run Kicksecure ™ for Qubes on Qubes OS
Logo-usb-500x500.png USB install Kicksecure ™ on USB
Logo-kvm-500x500.png KVM run Kicksecure ™ in virtualizer KVM
Logo-chroot-500x500.png chroot run Kicksecure ™ inside a chroot

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