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Kicksecure can be used as a plug-and-play operating system on a USB data stick. This is particularly interesting for users looking for a portable persistent or live operating system.


Yes, Kicksecure can be used as a plug-and-play operating system on a USB data stick.

Kicksecure can be installed as a host operating system (OS) on a physical machine, as a guest OS on a virtual machine or as a contained portable host OS on a USB data stick.

This USB option is interesting for:

  • A) Users who want to boot into persistent mode (no saved data is lost after reboot), or
  • B) Users who want to boot into non-persistent live mode which is pre-installed by default via the grub-live software package. Grub-live makes it possible to boot the host operating system - in this case Kicksecure on a USB data stick - into Live Mode.

Once installed on a USB data stick simply plugin the stick, boot Kicksecure and handle all your tasks which need a very solid security.

Installation / Use[edit]

At this time the installation of Kicksecure on a USB data stick needs a skilled user, because we do not provide a USB creator / image yet. Skilled users however can create a Kicksecure USB stick following these instructions:

  1. Take a USB data stick with at least 16 GB of space.
  2. Install Debian on USB. Instructions can be found on the Debian But there are also a number of other online guides explaining how to install Debian on a USB.
  3. Distribution-morph Debian into Kicksecure. Instructions for this can be found in our Kicksecure for Debian installation guide.
  4. Done.

Advantages of Kicksecure on USB[edit]

  • A higher level of security is attained by installing the host operating system(s) required for Kicksecure on a dedicated, (encrypted), external disk(s) like a USB flash drive or others. [1]
  • Reason 1: Using physical external media reduces the risk of other operating system(s) infecting the Kicksecure host operating system.
  • Reason 2: When Kicksecure disk(s) are not in use, they can either be removed or hidden.

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Future Plans[edit]

We are planning to create

  • An operating system Live ISO
  • A Host Operating System Installer

Community contributions are most welcome. Help us in various ways.


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