grub-live: Boot existing Host Operating System or VM into Live Mode

From Kicksecure

Debian Live Mode Boot (Host Live Mode)
Whonix ™ Live Mode Boot (VM Live Mode)

FREE Host operating system or VM can be booted into Live Mode, either by using:

This is accomplished by use of the grub-live package.



1. Package installation check.

The grub-live package is installed by default in Kicksecure ™. If a live boot menu entry is already avaialble, then grub-live is already installed.

Make sure package grub-live package is installed. The following command can be used to check on the command line if the package is already installed by default.

dpkg -l | grep grub-live

2. Choose an option.

Option A): symlink method

  • Advantage: This is easier because updates to grub-live will be automatically applied.
  • Disadvantage: Duplicate live boot menu entry.

sudo ln -s /etc/grub.d/11_linux_live /etc/grub.d/09_linux_live

Option B): moving method

  • Advantage: No duplicate live boot menu entry.
  • Disadvantage: Updates to grub-live will be automatically applied.

sudo mv /etc/grub.d/11_linux_live /etc/grub.d/09_linux_live

3. Re-generate grub boot menu.

sudo update-grub

4. Done.

The process of changing from live mode opt-in through boot grub menu to live boot by default has been completed.

5. Updates.

When using "Option B)" this process might need to be repeated from time to time.


Live Check Systray Issues[edit]

If the Live Check Systray has an issues do not panic.

If livecheck is showing an error it might be the following issue. Live check runs command sudo --non-interactive /bin/lsblk --noheadings --all --raw --output RO as the current unprivileged user. Test this for yourself.

sudo --non-interactive /bin/lsblk --noheadings --all --raw --output RO

This will not work by default for users other than user user. The linux user account (such as user2) either,

  • A) needs an exception in /etc/sudoers.d.
  • B) be a member of any of the following linux user groups.
    • users
    • staff
    • adm
    • sudo
    • root
    • wheel
    • console
    • console-unrestricted

Try also this:

sudo /bin/lsblk --all

If you are still having issues you can report a bug with the output from above two lsblk commands included from above.


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