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Info Please use email for reporting all security vulnerabilities!

For all other issues, refer to the most relevant section below.

For Users[edit]

See Support, Reporting Bugs:

For Developers[edit]

For Press[edit]

Contact Kicksecure ™ Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Payments[edit]

Most currencies are accepted - see the Payments page.

Contact Kicksecure ™ Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Investors[edit]

See also Investors.

Contact Kicksecure ™ Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Reporting Security Issues[edit]

Contact Kicksecure ™ Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Private Inquiries[edit]

Contact Kicksecure ™ Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Website Issues[edit]

Requests for permissions, bug reports, or other website related communications:

Private Communications Policy[edit]

Please avoid private communications whenever possible. Kicksecure ™ is a Freedom Software project. Free as in Price as well as in Freedom. (Why?) Therefore as many communications as possible should happen in public for transparency. Post in Kicksecure ™ forums whenever appropriate and possible.

Encrypted Communications Policy[edit]

Encrypted communications are accepted in the following categories: Plus Support, Investors, Premium Support, for reporting security issues, for private inquiries.

No Leaks Policy[edit]

Kicksecure ™ is not an investigative nor a malware forensics outfit. Leaks will be rejected. Unsolicited information will remain unread and will be securely deleted. No malware analysis and/or publication services are available. Feel free to consult third parties and knowledgeable malware researchers to discover the vulnerabilities, while notifying the publishers/maintainers of each package directly through responsible disclosure. Only responsibly notify us about security bugs in the instance of a Kicksecure ™ package being affected. [1]

Social Media[edit]

There are a few Kicksecure ™ Social Media Profiles, but they should not be relied upon for the latest Kicksecure ™ news. See Stay Tuned for reliable ways of following Kicksecure ™ news.

In addition, when appropriate Kicksecure ™ developers should be directly contacted by email and not via social media as these are likely to get unnoticed.

Some users may wish to follow or like the available Kicksecure ™ profiles (with an anonymous account). This applies if it is safe to talk about using the Kicksecure ™ platform and you want to share your experience with others. This is also a small way to contribute to the project.

Project Statements[edit]

The personal opinions of moderators or contributors to the Kicksecure ™ project do not represent the project as a whole.


  1. Kicksecure ™ is a very complex project with many aspects such as technology, legal, licenses, trademarks. Additional challenges from being a leak, investigative project or similar activities which would require very different infrastructure are therefore avoided.

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