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Contact Kicksecure developers and the webmaster, security vulnerabilities reporting, press contact.

Private Contact: Please avoid e-mail whenever possible. (Private Communications Policy) Leaks Submissions: No. (No Leaks Policy) Sponsored posts: No. Paid links: No. SEO reviews: No.

For Users[edit]

See Support, Reporting Bugs:

For Developers[edit]

For Press[edit]

Contact Kicksecure Developer Patrick Schleizer.

  • email:
  • OpenPGP

For Payments[edit]

Most currencies are accepted - see the Donate page.

Contact Kicksecure Developer Patrick Schleizer.

  • email:
  • OpenPGP

For Investors[edit]

See also Investors.

Contact Kicksecure Developer Patrick Schleizer.

  • email:
  • OpenPGP

For Reporting Security Issues[edit]

Contact Kicksecure Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Private Inquiries[edit]

Contact Kicksecure Developer Patrick Schleizer.

For Website Issues[edit]

Requests for permissions, bug reports, or other website related communications:

Private Communications Policy[edit]

Please avoid private communications whenever possible. Kicksecure is a Freedom project. Free as in Price as well as in Freedom. (Why?) Therefore as many communications as possible should happen in public for transparency. Post in Kicksecure whenever appropriate and possible.

Encrypted Communications Policy[edit]

Encrypted communications are accepted in the following categories: Investors, Premium Support, for reporting security issues, for private inquiries, legal.

Download Kicksecure Developer OpenPGP Key

No Leaks Policy[edit]

Kicksecure is not an investigative nor a malware forensics outfit. Leaks will be rejected. Unsolicited information will remain unread and will be securely deleted. No malware analysis and/or publication services are available. Feel free to consult third parties and knowledgeable malware researchers to discover the vulnerabilities, while notifying the publishers/maintainers of each package directly through responsible disclosure. Only responsibly notify us about security bugs in the instance of a Kicksecure package being affected. [1]

Social Media[edit]

There are a few Kicksecure Social Media Profiles, but they should not be relied upon for the latest Kicksecure news. See Stay Tuned for reliable ways of following Kicksecure news.

In addition, when appropriate Kicksecure developers should be directly contacted by email and not via social media as these are likely to get unnoticed.

Some users may wish to follow or like the available Kicksecure profiles (with an anonymous account). This applies if it is safe to talk about using the Kicksecure platform and you want to share your experience with others. This is also a small way to contribute to the project.

Project Statements[edit]

The personal opinions of moderators The Web Archive or contributors to the Kicksecure project do not represent the project as a whole.


Contact Kicksecure Developer Patrick Schleizer.

  • email:
  • OpenPGP


  1. Kicksecure is a very complex project with many aspects such as technology, legal, licenses, trademarks. Additional challenges from being a leak, investigative project or similar activities which would require very different infrastructure are therefore avoided.

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