Kicksecure ™ for Qubes

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Kicksecure ™ for Qubes OS.

Distribution Morphing[edit]

In dom0.

1. Install debian-11 as per Qubes Debian Template documentation which is unspecific to Kicksecure ™.

2. Clone Template debian-11 into template kicksecure-16.

3. Start the kicksecure-16 Template.

Inside the kicksecure-16 Template.

1. Follow the instructions Install Kicksecure ™ inside Debian, choose meta package kicksecure-qubes-cli or kicksecure-qubes-gui.

2. Shutdown the Template.

3. Done.

Distribution morphing of Debian into Kicksecure ™ is complete.

4. Change Template.

Optional: The user may change the Template for any App Qube from Debian to Kicksecure ™ as per the usual Qubes way.

5. Create new app Qubes.

Optional: The user may create new App Qubes based on the kicksecure-16 Template as per the usual Qubes way.


There is no ready-made template yet.

Future: This wiki page will be updated once available.

It shouldn't be hard to fork qubes-template-whonix into kicksecure-qubes-template. Please contribute to Kicksecure ™ and Qubes OS by creating and maintaining a kicksecure-16 Qubes Template.

Service VMs[edit]

At time of writing, Kicksecure ™ is untested in Qubes service VMs such as sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-usb.

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