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Effective date: February 14, 2019

This E-Sign Consent applies to any and all communications and/or disclosures that we are legally required to provide to you in writing in connection with your ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP account and any related products and services (“Communications”). This E-Sign Consent supplements and is to be construed as in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP Terms of Service.

If you choose not to consent to this Notice or you withdraw your consent, you will be restricted from using our Electronic Services.

1. Scope. When you use the Services, you agree that we may provide you with any Communications in electronic format, and that we may discontinue sending paper Communications to you, unless and until you withdraw your consent as described below. Your consent to receive electronic communications and transactions includes, but is not limited to:

  • Legal and regulatory disclosures and communications associated with your account or the Services;
  • Notices or amendments relating to the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy or this E-Sign Consent;

2. Methods of Communication. All Communications that we provide to you in electronic form will be done by e-mail, by posting to the ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP website (https://www.kicksecure.comarchive.org), or through other electronic communication such as mobile push notifications or text messaging.

3. Hardware Requirements. In order to access, view, and retain electronic Communications that we make available to you, you must have the following software and hardware:

  • A valid e-mail address.
  • A computer or other device capable of accessing the internet with a current web browser that supports at least 128 bit encryption, such as Google Chrome, Apple® Safari, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox®. The browser must have cookies enabled.
  • The computer must also have a printer or disk drive to print or retain copies of this E-Sign Consent and any Communications.

4. Updating your Information. It is your responsibility to provide us with a valid, accurate and complete e-mail address, your contact information, and other information related to this E-Sign Consent and your account, keep such information up to date. You may update your information by logging into your account or by contacting us.

You understand and agree that if ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP sends you a Communication but you do not receive it because your primary email address on file is incorrect, out of date, blocked by your service provider, or you are otherwise unable to receive electronic Communications, ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP will be deemed to have provided the Communication to you; however, we may regard your account as inactive. You may not be able to use our Online Services until we receive a valid, working primary email address from you.

If you use a spam filter or similar software that blocks or re-routes emails from senders not listed in your email address book, we recommend that you add ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP to your contacts so that you can receive Communications by email.

5. Withdrawing Consent. You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic Communications at any time by contacting us. You understand that any withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic Communications will be effective only after we have had a reasonable period of time to process your request. You understand that withdrawing your consent to electronic Communications will likely result in the termination of your account.

6. Communications in Writing. All electronic Communications from us to you will be considered “in writing” and shall have the same meaning and effect as a paper Communication. You should print or download for your records a copy of this E-Sign Consent and any other Communication that is important to you. You acknowledge and agree that Communications are considered received by you within 24 hours of the time posted to the ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP website (https://www.kicksecure.comarchive.org), or within 24 hours of the time emailed to you unless we receive notice that the email was not delivered.

7. Termination/Changes. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to cancel this electronic Communication service, or to terminate or change the terms and conditions on which we provide electronic Communications. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change as required by law.

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