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Permitted / Prohibited Discussions, Project Philosophy on Non-Freedom Software


The Kicksecure project is a Freedom Software project.

Kicksecure is not a Freedom Software maximalist project, since it does not adhere to the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG) However, Kicksecure will not bundle any unnecessary, major non-freedom software software components or contribute to these.

Policy on Non-Freedom Software[edit]

Table: Kicksecure Policy on Non-Freedom Software

Category Description
Permitted Topics
  • Helping users who ask about non-freedom software; for example - "How do I use Wickr?" Answer: "See the Wickr wiki page."
  • Community-contributed documentation about popular non-freedom software such as VMware and Hyper-V.
  • Discussions about Freedom Software that rely on Non-Freedom server software; for example - Telegram Client (Freedom Software) that requires connections to the Telegram server (Non-Freedom Software).
  • Discussion about Freedom Software alternatives to non-freedom software; for example - "What's a Libre alternative to team viewer?" Answer: "See the Remote Administration wiki page."
  • Running Kicksecure on top of non-freedom operating systems such as Windows and macOS.
  • Non-freedom Firmware Security and Updates and Processor Microcode Updates.
Prohibited Topics
  • Unsolicited recommendations of non-freedom applications; for example - "How do I use remote support?" Answer: "Use anydesk" (prohibited).
  • Debates about the features and security of closed vs Open Source Software are unwelcome.
Contributions to Non-Freedom Software
  • Examples include Non-freedom software hypervisors such as VMware and Hyper-V.
  • Unless paying for professional support (and hosted on separate website if hosted), it must be hosted without references to the Kicksecure trademark and website.
Policy Rationale This policy has been devised for the following reasons:
  • Avoiding endless, circular and non-productive debates.
  • Clearly defining the Kicksecure project philosophy.
  • Avoiding Non-Freedom Software
  • Community Feedback Policy
  • Brand protection - the Kicksecure project is known to be a Freedom Software project. It is undesirable to harm this brand by bundling it with unnecessary non-freedom software components.

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