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Things the Kicksecure project is working on; Innovate; Cooperate; Mentor; Educate; Maintenance; Research

Kicksecure Project Activities[edit]


Table: Kicksecure Innovation

Category Description
Invent mechanisms for rapid Debian packaging
  • - easy and turbo packaging of scripts and configuration files.
  • Demonstrating how to write hassle free man pages.
    • For example, the following methodology is used for all related Kicksecure packages.
    • Written in markdown.
    • Just three lines of packaging is required. [1]
Holistic focus
  • Focusing on the security field, without getting into unimportant details.
  • Understanding issues regular users are experiencing and creating a better user experience.
Develop concepts
Miscellaneous Maintaining a general interest in security matters, scrutinizing solutions, and connecting people. [2]
Documentation Huge wiki. 100's of wiki pages. See Documentation and Design.


Table: Kicksecure Cooperation

Category Description
Issue/bug reports Reporting issues or bugs at other projects, such as:
Other collaborative efforts/contributions
Developer community



Kicksecure undertakes a broad range of educational activities, including:


Kicksecure maintenance activities are wide in scope and include:

TODO expand


See Research.


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