Kicksecure ™ for Windows, macOS, Linux inside VirtualBox

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Kicksecure ™ in VirtualBox

  • Kicksecure ™ with Graphical User Interface (Xfce)
  • This version of Kicksecure ™ is designed to run inside VirtualBox.
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is the right choice for most users.
  • Click here Kicksecure ™ Xfce (FREE!) to learn more and get started with Kicksecure ™ Xfce.

Looking for something else such as Kicksecure ™ with CLI? Please press on expand on the right.

Text Terminal Only: Kicksecure ™ with CLI[edit]

Download Kicksecure ™ ™ CLI (FREE!) WINDOWS OSX LINUX

Kicksecure ™ Xfce

  • Advanced users
  • Low system requirements

Questions and Answers[edit]

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