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What does pre-release mean? Security?

Kicksecure is a research and implementation project.

Be wary of those confidently calling themselves all-knowing, all-perfect. Kicksecure is an actively maintained research project making constant improvements -- no shortcomings are ever hidden from users.

The source code base of Kicksecure has a history since 2012 and Kicksecure as compilation and under its current name Kicksecure was available for public use since 2018. See History for details.

Before website went online, Kicksecure was hosted on a different website. [1] This was non-ideal from a usability perspective. The dedicated website went public in November 2021.

Kicksecure refers to itself as pre-release for two reasons:

1. This wiki is a work in progress. Many links are broken and a lot of documentation has to be refined. The lack of documentation might make Kicksecure more difficult to use.

2. A Kicksecure ISO is only available for testers. No stable version available yet.

"pre-release" does not imply "security issues".



Unfinished: This wiki is a work in progress. Please do not report broken links until this notice is removed, use Search Engines First and contribute improving this wiki.

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