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Brief Kicksecure ™ History[edit]

Kicksecure ™ in its first iteration was called Hardened Debian. It was later renamed to Kicksecure.

11 January 2012: Whonix ™ (anonymity and security focused operating system) (at that time still called TorBOX) has been founded.

15 September 2018: Initial announcement of Kicksecure ™ (By then still called Hardened Debian.) [1] Kicksecure ™ was founded by the same founder as Whonix ™, which has an nine year history of protecting users from real world de-anonymization attacks.

11 August 2019: Dedicated domain kicksecure.com for the Kicksecure ™ project purchased. [2]

19 September 2019: Initial testers-only release of Kicksecure ™ for the virtualizer VirtualBox was done still on the Whonix ™ website.

November 2021: kicksecure.com website public release. [3]


Day Month Year: First testers-only release of Kicksecure ™ on Kicksecure ™'s own website.

Day Month Year: First ISO testers-only release of Kicksecure ™.

Relationship between Kicksecure ™ and Whonix ™[edit]

Kicksecure ™ is a security by default operating system.

Whonix ™ is an anonymity and security by default operating system.

Kicksecure ™ was founded by the same founder as Whonix ™.

Whonix ™ was released first. Kicksecure ™ was released later.

Whonix ™ is based on Kicksecure ™. Not the other way around.

The terminology "based on" is referring to the technical implementation and not chronological historical events. Since Kicksecure ™ is only focusing on security, it is better to add extra features (anonymity) as software packages on top. If Kicksecure ™ was based on Whonix ™ then the technical implementation would be inferior because Kicksecure ™ would have to remove software packages which would be a lot more confusing.

Kicksecure ™ was and is being designed as a standalone project that has no technical dependency on Whonix ™. The relationship between Kicksecure ™ and Whonix ™ is intended to make sense as if Kicksecure ™ was developed first and Whonix ™ later as an "add-on".


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