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A pen symbolizing the documentation of Kicksecure's history.

A comprehensive record of the development and milestones of Kicksecure.

Brief Kicksecure History[edit]

Kicksecure originated under the name Hardened Debian, reflecting its initial focus on security-hardening the Debian system. It underwent a brand evolution to become known as Kicksecure.


11 January 2012
Whonix® (formerly TorBOX), an operating system with a focus on anonymity and security, is created. This marks the beginning of the journey that would eventually lead to the conception of Kicksecure.
15 September 2018
The world is introduced to Hardened Debian through an initial announcementarchive.org. [1] The founder of Whonix®, with a nine-year (at time of writing) historyarchive.org of safeguarding usersarchive.org, also lays the groundwork for Kicksecure.
11 August 2019
A dedicated domain, kicksecure.com, is secured for the project. [2]
19 September 2019
An initial testers-only version of Kicksecure is released on the Whonix® forums for VirtualBox users. [3]
November 2021
The official kicksecure.com website goes live, marking a significant step in the project's public outreach. [4]
22 October 2022
The first testers-only version of Kicksecure is released on its own dedicated website. [5]
Day Month Year
Plans for the first ISO testers-only release of Kicksecure are underway, signaling another key development milestone.

Relationship between Kicksecure and Whonix®[edit]

Kicksecure is an operating system designed with a focus on security by default.

Whonix®, on the other hand, prioritizes both anonymity and security by default.

Despite Whonix® being the predecessor, Kicksecure was established by the same individual who founded Whonix®.

Chronologically, Whonix® was introduced before Kicksecure. However, in terms of the software stack, Whonix® builds upon the foundation of Kicksecure. It is technically "based on" Kicksecure, not vice versa.

The phrase "based on" is used here to describe the technical framework rather than the historical timeline. Since Kicksecure's core focus is security, it serves as a more streamlined base to which additional features (such as anonymity) can be added. This modular approach ensures that Kicksecure maintains a clean and secure baseline, which can be expanded upon by Whonix® to integrate further privacy features.

Conceptually, Kicksecure was engineered as an independent project with no technical dependencies on Whonix®. This design philosophy allows for a conceptual understanding where Kicksecure could be seen as the foundational layer, with Whonix® acting as an extension or "add-on" that incorporates anonymity features on top of Kicksecure's secure base.


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