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Kicksecure and Whonix provide great value to thousands of users! Help us maintain, improve and spread the word with a donation. Thank you! Learn more below.

Kicksecure is an amazing secure by default, open source and free operating system with the latest security research in place. But we need your help to keep it independent from corporate and government influence. CONSIDER DONATING TODAY to charge up our efforts and keep Kicksecure alive! -- The Kicksecure team

There are plenty payment options to choose from. If you don't find your preferred method, get in contact!

New program! Donors are now eligible to be added to a list of our donors. Find out more about our Donor Recognition Program.

If you can't donate but you have free time to spare, you can help us as well. There are many ways how you can help us.

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We believe security software like Kicksecure needs to remain Open Source and independent. Would you help sustain and grow the project? Learn more about our 12 year success story and maybe DONATE!