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Your support makes all the difference!

We believe security software like Kicksecure needs to remain open source and independent. Would you help sustain and grow the project? Learn more about our 10 year success story and maybe DONATE!

On this page we recognize the invaluable contribution our donors make to Kicksecure ™.


Thank you to our amazing donors who support our project! Your donations, no matter how small or large, allow us to keep developing and maintaining this open source and free software for everyone. You are the heart of our Kicksecure ™ operating system and we value your trust and generosity! Thank you for joining our community and for making a significant impact with your donations!

Privacy by Default. Opt-in only. Only donors that explicitly request to be added, will be added. By default, no donor will be added here without application and their explicit consent.

For information on how to get recognized as a donor, please press expand on the right side.

Start date This recognition program started 2023-03-01.
Status BETA: Still in development. This program is not live yet but will probably be soon!

Testers only! Ambox warning pn.svg.png Warning: This is for testers-only!

Minimum donation thresholds
  • Recognition: $500 is the minimum donation threshold, which can be a one-time donation or a cumulative donation since 2012. We would like to emphasize our gratitude towards all donors, regardless of their donation size. However, managing donation recognition incurs labor costs, so having a threshold in place is economically responsible, especially for honoring small donations. This is standard practice among even larger organizations collecting donations, as outlined on our organizational donation considerations page.
  • Links and company logo: $1,000 is the minimum donation threshold for donors to have a link to their website on their recognition card.
Privacy by Default

Opt-in only

Only donors that explicitly request to be added, will be added. By default, no donor will be added here without application and their explicit consent.
Preview See examples here for a demonstration how it would look like.
Identity Recognition Choices pseudoymous | real name
Profile Image Choice none / provided image
Amount Recognition Choices hidden / range
Applications If you, as an individual, or your organization or company wish to be recognized as a donor, please send an e-mail with proof of the donation. The proof of donation must include the donor's full name, the transaction ID, country of tax residence, and a choice of identity recognition (pseudoymous or real name), profile image choice (none or provided image), and amount recognition choice (hidden or range).
Pre-approval You are welcome to request pre-approval prior to donating if you have questions about whether you qualify for donor recognition.
Disclaimer Our Terms of Service and Policy of Website and Chat apply.


No donors requested to be recognized yet.

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