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The wiki page discusses the topic of donor recognition and lists non-profit organizations that do not have a list of donors or donor recognition with individual names. It also lists organizations with a donation threshold for recognition and provides examples. The page notes that this information is based on quick, superficial research and is not meant to criticize any particular nonprofit.


  • This information is based on a quick and superficial research, and is not intended to criticize any particular nonprofits. It is also not a request for nonprofits to either maintain or abolish a list of their donors or donor recognition. There may be research and arguments that suggest one approach or the other is more beneficial, but they are not discussed here.
  • It is difficult to prove a negative.
  • Time of writing: March 2023

Nonprofits Without Donor Lists or Recognition[edit]

search terms used:

  • list of donors, and/or
  • donors recognition, and/or
  • our donors, and
  • the name of the nonprofit, and/or

List of nonprofits where no list of donors / donors recognition with individual names could be found:

  • For additional examples, consider asking AI such as ChatGPT. Prompts:
    • Which are the biggest nonprofits that do not have list of donors, donor recognition?
    • which are most popular nonprofits that do not have list of donors, donor recognition?
    • Optional, additional follow-up prompt:
    • Add more examples

Nonprofits with Donation Thresholds for Recognition[edit]

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