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When a link to this wiki page is posted, it means the question or issue raised is unspecific to Kicksecure ™. The upside is it can possibly be resolved by utilizing different search terms, documentation or various websites. Reasonable search efforts are likely to yield more diverse options, information, opinions, expertise, alternative solutions, and possible workarounds.

In other words, it is highly likely that issues or questions can be solved by extending web search options. Quote Free Support Principle:

In simple terms, Kicksecure ™ is based on: [1]

It is impossible for the Kicksecure ™ contributors to be aware of the solution to each and every problem that is encountered. Users are therefore encouraged to first consider if their problem is general, and unspecific to Kicksecure ™.

Rephrasing the question, removing the Kicksecure ™-specific component, or utilizing other resources might result in more information. Further, sometimes questions are unlikely to be answered in Kicksecure ™ Support channels due to Developer Constraints.

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  1. This is explained in more detail on the About page.

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