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Download image verification instructions for Kicksecure with OpenPGP and Signify.

  • Digital signatures: A tool enhancing download security. Commonly used across the internet.
  • Learn more: Curious? Learn more about digital software signatures.
  • Optional: Digital signatures are optional. If you've never used them before, there might be no need to start now.
  • No worries: New to digital software signatures? It's okay, no need to worry.
  • Not a requirement: Not mandatory for using Kicksecure, but an extra security measure for advanced users.


Choose your platform along with your host operating system.


Steps to verify the ISO image depend on the operating system in use:


Steps to verify the virtual machine images depend on the operating system in use:

Also see: VirtualBox Appliance is not signed Error Message.


Refer to the KVM Verify the images using Linux instructions.


Kicksecure for Qubes templates (if available, not yet available at time of writing) are automatically verified when qubes-dom0-update downloads and installs them; manual user verification is unnecessary.

Codecrypt Signatures

Codecrypt signatures are not yet available, but are planned long term.

Volunteer contributions are happily considered! If you were to contribute codecrypt signature creation to the Kicksecure dm-prepare-release, then this feature could be provided much sooner.

If you would like to use codecrypt for software signature verification, please consider making a report in the codecrypt forum This method might be supported sooner if there is sufficient interest.

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