Release Upgrade

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If a message like this appears.

WARNING: News Result:
✘ Outdated: Installed packages-dependencies 3.4.2-1 is outdated!

Then most likely a Release Upgrade is necessary.

For the latest instructions on a release upgrade from Kicksecure ™ 15 to Kicksecure ™ 16, see here.

An Standard Upgrade makes sure all packages within a major release are up-to-date. In contrast, a Release Upgrade upgrades from one major version to another.

Due to technical limitations, a standard ("everyday") upgrade cannot perform the same functions as a release upgrade. The latter procedure upgrades a far greater number of packages, often removes select packages and requires the user to apply extra steps as per release upgrade documentation.

What is better? Upgrade or Image Re-Installation? See Update vs Image Re-Installation.


It is very much discouraged to run the release-upgrade command without following the release upgrade instructions for the version intended to be upgraded.

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