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A point release is not a separate, new version of Kicksecure ™. Instead, it is a re-release of Kicksecure ™ which is inclusive of all updates up to a certain point.

Installing any version of Kicksecure ™ 16 and fully updating it leads to a system which is (mostly) identical to installing a Kicksecure ™ point release.

If the Kicksecure ™ installation is updated, no further action is required.

Regardless of the current installed version of Kicksecure ™, if users wish to install (or reinstall) Kicksecure ™ for any reason, then the point release is a convenient and more secure method, since it bundles all Kicksecure ™ updates that are available at that specific time. [1]

To determine whether an update or image re-installation is better, see: Update vs Image Re-Installation.


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