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Info Currently Kicksecure ™ lead developer Patrick Schleizer can provide priority support and consultation for issues relating to anonymity, privacy, security, data security, and Kicksecure ™ but in future, support may also be provided by third parties. Service provided by ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP. Our Terms of Service apply.

  • Encrypted communication is possible.
  • Contracts with larger payments attract a greater developer priority to fulfill the customer's request.
  • Customers with a higher prioritization can expect to receive faster and more comprehensive replies.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change under certain conditions.
  • The quality of support may vary at times when the developer has a heavy workload.

Work samples which verify the quality of support are demonstrated in public Kicksecure ™ forum activity. Upon request, answers can be provided in private to clients. Several communication channels are available for client convenience: Primarily forum. Also e-mail. Upon request, instant messaging may also be possible, depending on the user's assigned priority.

Solution Probability

There is no guarantee that a solution can be found for every issue. Prior experience suggests problems related to the wide range of topics already covered in the Documentation have a higher chance of resolution, and within a shorter time frame. That said, other topics may be referred as well; get in touch for further advice (see contact details below).


Charge backs are not possible. For payment options, see Payments.

How to Buy Priority Support

1. Choose a relevant payment option and make the payment.
2. The customer is eligible for priority support for a period of 30 days after the payment is made.
3. E-mail Patrick with proof of the payment and submit your question. The proof of payment must include the customer's full name, the transaction ID, country of residence, and country of habitual residence.
4. Depending on the customer's priority, the timeliness and comprehensiveness of the reply may vary.


Priority Support Categories
Patrick Schleizer can provide professional support in various IT domains, including but not limited to:

  • Computer security engineering and education.
  • Linux distribution maintenance.
  • Qubes OS (computer security by compartmentalization).
  • Online privacy.
  • Project coordination.
  • Threat modeling. [1]
  • Community management.
  • Cooperation with other software projects.
  • Documentation writing.
  • User support and education.
  • Basic website administration using common web applications.
  • Scandal prevention. [2]
  • Build automation script engineering.
  • systemd unit files.
  • Shell scripting.
  • Instruct users to provide debug output for shell scripts. [3]
  • Debian packaging.
  • Debian APT repository management.
  • Debian package dependencies issues analysis. [4]
  • Linux sysadmin tasks. [5]
  • Licensing compliance.
  • Debian machine readable licensing.
  • Release maintenance: freeze, build, sign, upload, support, and hot fixes.
  • Reviewing user code and documentation contributions.
  • Contributor coordination.
  • Upstream project bug reports.
  • Review of python and ruby code.
  • git.
  • gpg / gnupg / OpenPGP / signify / codecrypt.
  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication), YubiKey, Linux PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules), SSH with smartcard, fingerprint, "Google Authenticator"
  • Spam reduction: moderating mailing lists, forums, and wikis.
  • Network mirroring.
  • Mediation. [6]
  • Computer maintenance and education.
  • Blog posts. [7]
  • iptables firewalls.
  • inotifywait.
  • Marketing.
  • Continuous Integration (CI).
  • proposals, protocols, RFCs
  • See also portfolio / github profile.
  • What we do

Special Client Proposals

See Professional Support which has different terms and conditions compared to priority support.


  1. One example can be found here.
  2. This cannot be guaranteed, but there has been no bad press or posts pointing out any scandals, misinformation or inappropriate behavior by the Whonix team.
  5. To oversimplify it, Whonix is a collection of shell scripts, package selections and configuration files.
  6. For example, contributions to mediating the stale /etc/bash.bashrc.d implementation dispute -
  7. Technical and other content may require minor edits to meet specific editorial standards.

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