OpenPGP Verification of Kicksecure Images in macOS

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Instructions for OpenPGP Verification of Kicksecure Images in macOS

  • Digital signatures: A tool enhancing download security. Commonly used across the internet.
  • Learn more: Curious? Learn more about digital software signatures.
  • Optional: Digital signatures are optional. If you've never used them before, there might be no need to start now.
  • No worries: New to digital software signatures? It's okay, no need to worry.
  • Not a requirement: Not mandatory for using Kicksecure, but an extra security measure for advanced users.

macOS using GPGTools[edit]

GnuPG is a common free software implementation of OpenPGP. Various versions and graphical front-ends are available for macOS. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to to download the available suite -- detailed installation and user documentation is also available on the site.
  2. After installing GPGTools, follow the same instructions found on the Verify Virtual Machine Images on the Command Line page.
  3. To open the command line: Navigate to the Applications folderOpen UtilitiesDouble-click on Terminal

Do not continue if verification fails! This risks using infected or erroneous files! The whole point of verification is to confirm file integrity. This page is strongly related to the pages Placing Trust in Kicksecure and Verifying Software Signatures.


When a GPG error is encountered, first try a web search for the relevant error. The security stackexchange can also help to resolve GPG problems. Describe the problem thoroughly, but be sure it is GPG-related and not specific to Kicksecure.

More help resources are available on the Support page.


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