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Detecting Kicksecure version number using API.

API Stability[edit]

There is no API version number and not even non-binding guarantees about API stability are being made.

For example for the VirtualBox stable version number Kicksecure, Template:VersionNew was used earlier anyhow prior any request for any API functions has been made. Making that version information available through an easy to parse way is pretty simple thanks to mediawiki index.php already built-in function action=raw.

API Completeness[edit]

Other information might be already available (since the wiki or forum software has these features anyhow). Please ask in forums.

VirtualBox Stable Version Number[edit]

VirtualBox Testers-Only Version Number[edit]

KVM Stable Version Number[edit]


The onion domain for can be found here:

raw The Web Archive Onion Version

API Issues[edit]

You need to search the following string and replace it with nothing ("").


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