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Donate Cryptocurrency.jpg

1. Select an accepted cryptocurrency from the following table.

2. Select an option to get the payment address.

Three options. Choose one.

  • A) Copy the address by pressing the copy button, paste into your wallet. (Recommended.)
  • B) Click the QR code to enlarge, scan with your wallet, pay.
  • C) Click the payment link. This works only with wallets which support this functionality.

3. Donate.

Logo Name Code QR Address Payment
BC Logo .png
Bitcoin BTC Kicksecure donate bitcoin.png
Monero-symbol-1280.png Monero XMR Kicksecure donate monero.png
Ethereumlogo.png Ethereum ETH Kicksecure donate ethereum.png
Usd-coin-usdc-logo.png USD Coin USDC ETH token can be sent to the same Ethereum (ETH) address as above.
Greencoinmarketcap.png Tether USDT
Yellowcoinmarketcap.png Dai DAI

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