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Instructions on how to set up a Kicksecure ™ Download Mirror


rsync from[edit]


  • Available over encrypted clearnet port 874. (Default port by openssl-rsync.)
  • Available over encrypted clearnet port 1874. (Default port by Debian ftpsync package, rsync-ssl-tunnel script.)
  • Available over encrypted onion, port 873. (rsync default port.)

Security advice:

  • Encrypted rsync is better.
  • rsync over onion is best.

Commands below use for testing:

  • --dry-run


  • Later for production you might wish to drop --dry-run and change the destination folder from ~/kicksecure to a folder of your choice such as /var/www/kicksecure.


sudo apt install rsync

unencrypted rsync[edit]

Deprecated. Please use TLS encrypted rsync or rsync over onion as documented below.

encrypted rsync over TLS[edit]

rsync-ssl --dry-run --recursive --delete --times --perms rsync:// ~/kicksecure

encrypted rsync over onion[edit]


sudo apt install torsocks rsync

rsync over onion from Kicksecure ™ onion.

torsocks rsync --dry-run --recursive --delete --times --perms "rsync://w5j6stm77zs6652pgsij4awcjeel3eco7kvipheu6mtr623eyyehj4yd.onion/kicksecure" ~/kicksecure

Current Mirrors[edit]

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