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Kicksecure ™ is a research and implementation project that is based on thousands of freely available software packages. You can learn more about the organizational structure here.

The Kicksecure ™ project does not maintain Tor. Further, the reliance of the Kicksecure ™ platform on Tor does not imply developers are experts about the Tor software.

Network Obstacle Examples[edit]

Some users will experience "network obstacles" when using Kicksecure ™ because some internet service providers (ISPs) in various countries block/prevent access to the public Tor network. In this instance, The usage of Bridges is required, For example in China the Great Firewall automatically blocks connections to Tor thus it is necessary to obtain a bridge that works: [1]

  1. Snowflake: uses ephemeral proxies to connect to the Tor network.
  2. Private and unlisted obfs4 bridges: users will need to request a private bridge to with the phrase "private bridge" in the subject of the email or, if they are tech-savvy, they can run their own obfs4 bridge. Bridges distributed by BridgeDB (HTTPS, email).
  3. meek-azure: it looks like you are browsing a Microsoft website instead of using Tor. However, because it has a bandwidth limitation, this option will be quite slow.

Effect on Kicksecure ™[edit]

Kicksecure ™ need a working Tor connection because of:

Not having a working Tor on your machine will lead to time/clock and update/upgrade failure.


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