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Kicksecure is an amazing secure by default operating system with the latest security research in place. Best of all Kicksecure ™ is free and open-source. Thanks to our patrons we stay free from corporate and government influence. But we need your support to keep this great project running. Donate now to keep Kicksecure ™ alive!

The Kicksecure team

There are plenty payment options to choose from. If you don't find your preferred method, get in contact!

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Other payment options
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You can't help financially? Help with your time or using our affiliate link It's greatly appreciated!

For any questions regarding your donation contact our fundraising support .
There are five ways to support Kicksecure ™ financially: (1.) Sponsoring a new feature - please get in contact for details. (2.) Paying for Plus Support (3.) Paying for Plus Support in lieu of a donation. Users may send any amount of funds to Kicksecure ™. A consultation service commensurate with the amount contributed will be negotiated between both parties. (4.) Invest | Our Terms of Service apply. | Corporations who purchase Plus Support packages may be able to claim these as tax-deductible expenses - first consult a tax advisor, as this does not constitute tax advice. | Charitable tax-deductible donations are unsupported.

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