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Verifying the system is configured as intended

The issues discussed on this page are the same for any Linux distribution and unspecific to Kicksecure.

There are no automated tools for end users with sufficient usability to be actually informative. Rather than providing insights, existing tools can lead to more questions and cause confusion. In general, this is related to the current state of development for security-focused operating systems, see:

For the purpose of system checks, systemcheck is available on the Kicksecure platform.

Even when system check tools exist, the thoroughness of checks performed by the software is a relevant question. An all-encompassing, automated testing suite for all functionality and security features remains a distant implementation goal.

Some certification / audit tools exist but they have poor usability, see: Certification and Audits.

Related: Security Reviews and Feedback

Realistically, users can only Trust that software works as described and intended, develop skills to undertake audits and/or pay someone to perform that task.


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