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Using Kicksecure without Tor. Can Kicksecure be used without Tor?


Documentation on how to use Kicksecure without Tor.

Documentation for this is incomplete. Contributions are happily considered! See this for potential alternatives.

Info Advanced users only!


Choose one or multiple options.

A) Kicksecure Repositories Review

Look through the repositories provided by Kicksecure on (sorted by For example, security-misc can be installed without installing any packages that Depends: on tor.

Each repository has a rudimentary readme file which explains the functionality of the software package and how to install it.

B) Packages for Debian Hosts

Some packages are mentioned on the Packages for Debian Hosts wiki page.

C) Kicksecure Meta Packages Review

Alternatively, the user could look at kicksecure-meta-packages debian/ and choose meta packages which do not Depends: on tor. This isn't easy. As a package on which a meta pacakge Depends: might itself have a Depends: on tor.

The user would have to review the output of APT before proceeding to install to see if it includes tor.

D) Install a fake Tor package

1. fake tor already being installed

2. Configure APT to update without Tor

3. Update without Tor

E) Mask the Tor service.

The user could attempt to prevent Tor from starting before installing Kicksecure. Untested!


sudo systemctl mask tor


sudo systemctl mask tor@default

3. Update without Tor

Update without Tor[edit]

The tor+ prefix would need to be removed from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list.


This is mostly undocumented. No development progress should be expected as this is not the project focus. At very least not until a stable release of the Kicksecure ISO becomes available.


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