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Kicksecure comes with many security Kicksecure is Security Hardened by default and also provides extensive Documentation including a System Hardening Checklist. The more you know, the safer you can be.

This page is targeted at advanced users who wish to improve the security of their systems to become even more secure.


Before reading or applying instructions in the Advanced Security Guide, first review the information found in the Computer Security Education and Basic Security Guide sections.

Important References[edit]

It is recommended to learn more about the following topics:

  • Entropy
  • Restrict TransPort: This is explained under Kicksecure is firewalled
  • Kicksecure Design: Technically-minded readers can review the recommendations on how less-than-ideal specifications could be improved.
  • Kicksecure Documentation: Some application-specific documentation will have no relevance, but a thorough study of various entries will increase overall awareness and gradually improve security practices.

Useful External Links[edit]


  1. See also: AIDE Debian and the AIDE
  2. Since Ubuntu is based on Debian.

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