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Credits, Inspiration, Alternatives, Sources.

Current Contributors[edit]

See Contributors.

Past Contributors[edit]

See Past Contributors .

Credits, Inspiration, Alternatives, Sources[edit]


The success of the Kicksecure platform is the sum total of several factors:

  • The solid foundation at its heart - the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
  • The software provided by several other projects (like KVM,Qubes) and the tireless efforts of their many developers and contributors. [1]
  • Lessons learned from:
    • Expert advice provided in various Internet forums and attendance at software development events.
    • Previous failures and successes in the Kicksecure development cycle.
    • The failures and successes of similar privacy/security projects (like Tails).
  • Inspiration drawn from other projects, leading to the implementation of new or improved security features.
  • Direct contributions by the Kicksecure community.


Kicksecure Development[edit]

In alphabetical order, the following projects or sources have had the greatest influence on Kicksecure development to date:


Over the lifetime of the Kicksecure project, development has been informed by thousands of external resources. For the reader's interest, a very small sample of older sources is listed here. Numerous updated sources can be found in developer documentation footnotes.

Kicksecure History[edit]

A brief history of the founding of Kicksecure can be read here.


Third Party Image Contributions[edit]

The Kicksecure website and documentation is enriched by a number of images and icons generously provided by third parties. Appreciation is expressed to those contributors who have placed their images in the public domain or specifically designed images for Kicksecure. [2]

Website License[edit]

See the page footer.

Kicksecure License[edit]

See the license in Kicksecure source code.


  1. Which form part of the core privacy and security features in Kicksecure.
  2. Please add your contribution to the third party images page if it is not already listed.

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