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Development Notes about Kicksecure ™ APT Repository.


User Documentation[edit]

Reasons for using mv instead of cp:

  • higher transparency
  • file /usr/share/keysrings/derivative.asc is owned by the repository-dist package and overwritten by this file
    • easier to debug: Should there be an issue with /usr/share/keysrings/derivative.asc (such as key expired) then it would be easier for the user to check which version of the key has been originally imported


Update field.


Upload repository.


Migrate from developers APT repository to testers APT repository.


Migrate from testers APT repository to bullseye APT repository.


Manually add package to developers repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper includedeb developers ../Kicksecure/packages/*.deb

Copy package-name from developers to testers repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy testers developers package-name

Copy package-name from bullseye-proposed-updates to bullseye repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy bullseye bullseye-proposed-updates package-name

Migrate all packages matching apparmor-profile-* from bullseye-proposed-updates to bullseye repository.

./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copymatched bullseye bullseye-proposed-updates "apparmor-profile-*"


pkg_name=corridor ./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy testers developers "$pkg_name" ./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy bullseye-proposed-updates testers "$pkg_name" ./debug-steps/reprepro-wrapper copy bullseye bullseye-proposed-updates "$pkg_name"


We might need this for key transition:


Just a note.

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