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Overview of Maintenance Tasks[edit]



server maintenance:

  • payments for server, domains
  • server backups
    • full files based backups
  • update webapps
    • mediawiki
    • discourse forums
    • phabricator (phasing out)
  • operating system updates
  • testing on stage server before upgrades

package stable upgrade[edit]

dist_build_apt_codename=bullseye-proposed-updates make reprepro-add

Tor Browser hardcoded version file[edit]

Keep Tor Browser hardcoded version file up to date.

  • subscribe to tor-announce mailing list to be notified of new Tor Browser stable releases
  • check if it is already manually downloadable going through
  • keep /usr/share/tb-updater/tbb_hardcoded_version updated
  • to manually test from a Qubes AppVM

CURL_PROXY=--fail tbb_version=6.5.2 qubes_vm_type=Template update-torbrowser --postinst

dist_build_apt_codename=bullseye-proposed-updates make reprepro-add

Kicksecure ™ repository TPO packages[edit]

  • keep mirroring to repository
    • do a developer test (upload to developers repository?)
    • upload to stable-proposed-updates (currently: bullseye-proposed-updates) for wider testing
    • upload to stable (currently: bullseye)

sudo -E ./build-steps.d/1200_create-debian-packages --build --allow-untagged true --allow-uncommitted true --internalrun --target root --function "get_tpo_packages ; create_whonix_repository"

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