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Derivative-Maker can build Debian Derivatives such as Kicksecure and Whonix.

Existing Derivative-Maker Features[edit]

Essential Derivative-Maker Features[edit]

  • [functionality] build Kicksecure VM images
  • [functionality] build Whonix-Gateway VM images
  • [functionality] build Whonix-Workstation VM images
  • [functionality] download newer packages from third-party repositories such as The Tor Project APT repository and the VirtualBox APT repository
  • [functionality] install Tor Browser by default inside Whonix-Workstation
  • [functionality] supports using APT Cache to speed up builds
  • [functionality] --target virtualbox build VirtualBox ova images
    • [functionality] custom VirtualBox VM settings (VBoxManage modifyvm "$VMNAME" --synthcpu on etc.)
  • [functionality] --target qcow2 build KVM images
    • [functionality] xz archive creation
    • [functionality] adding libvirt xml files to the xz
  • [functionality] default login user account creation, user user / password changeme
  • [stability] exit code checking everywhere
  • [security] does not use non-deterministic binary base boxes (VM images) (which if compromised would compromise the resulting VM image)
  • [security] all digital software signatures are verified
  • [security] APT unreliable exit code checking workaround
  • [future-proof] prospective support to create deterministic images (once this is generally possible, Derivative-Maker can also learn this)

Non-Essential Derivative-Maker Features[edit]

  • [easy-of-development] step based, build steps case be run manually to speed up development
  • [easy-of-development] injection of custom build steps
  • [customization] building VM images that do not come with a desktop environment
  • [customization] building VM images that do not come with derivative default applications

Undecided Priority Derivative-Maker Features[edit]

  • [functionality] automatically installs all required build dependencies on the host system
  • [functionality] --arch parameter support (--arch amd64 or --arch i386)
  • [functionality] --kernel and --headers parameter support (--kernel linux-image-amd64 --headers linux-headers-amd64)
  • [functionality] install derivative packages from own custom remote repository
  • [functionality] interactive error handler to repeat commands, open a shell or ignore them
  • [functionality] --target root (for physical isolation)
  • [functionality] --target raw build raw images
  • [functionality] install different packages for VirtualBox (virtualbox-guest-x11) and kvm (spice...)
  • [functionality] Separate VirtualBox / KVM builds [1] using --target virtualbox or --target qcow2.
  • [security] build from local self-built apt repository rather than from deterministic remote repository
  • [security] creation of hash sum verification and gpg signatures
  • [security] build images that never had the derivative's remote/binary repository enabled
  • [security] build and install all derivative packages during derivative image build
  • [security] use onion apt sources for building
  • [stability] protection from bad build surprises
    • [stability] break or do not break when uncommitted changes are found
    • [stability] break or do not break from non-tag
  • [customization] --confdir /path/to/config/dir
  • [customization] --tb none|closed|open
    • [customization] none: Do not install Tor Browser.
    • [customization] closed: Fail closed if Tor Browser cannot be installed.
    • [customization] open: Fail open if Tor Browser cannot and installed.
  • [customization] custom VM settings during build (these can of course be manually changed by the user anyhow), supported parameters with examples:
    • [customization] --vmram 128
    • [customization] --vram 12
    • [customization] --vmsize 200G
  • [easy-of-development] easy to implement creating other image types (raw images etc.)
  • [easy-of-development] cleanup command removing temporary files and/or images
  • [easy-of-development] optional build step skipping feature


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