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Kicksecure for Qubes

Distribution Morphing[edit]

In dom0.

1. Install debian-12 as per Qubes Debian Template which is unspecific to Kicksecure.

2. Clone Template debian-12 into template kicksecure-17.

3. Start the kicksecure-17 Template.

Inside the kicksecure-17 Template.

1. Follow the instructions Install Kicksecure inside Debian, choose meta package kicksecure-qubes-cli or kicksecure-qubes-gui.

2. Shutdown the Template.

3. Done.

Distribution morphing of Debian into Kicksecure is complete.

4. Change Template.

Optional: The user may change the Template for any App Qube from Debian to Kicksecure as per the usual Qubes way.

5. Create new app Qubes.

Optional: The user may create new App Qubes based on the kicksecure-17 Template as per the usual Qubes way.


There is no ready-made template yet.

Future: This wiki page will be updated once available.

It shouldn't be hard to fork into kicksecure-qubes-template. Please contribute to Kicksecure and Qubes OS by creating and maintaining a kicksecure-17 Qubes Template.

Support Status[edit]

How stable is this? Should be very stable. This is because Qubes-Whonix is based on Kicksecure.

The lead developer of Kicksecure is also a user of Qubes and using Kicksecure in Qubes.

Service VMs[edit]

Kicksecure in Qubes service VMs such as sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-usb are functional. This is classified as unsupported to avoid complex support requests for issues not caused by Kicksecure being directed at Kicksecure support. [1]

Qubes Persistence[edit]

Qubes (non-)persistence is a Qubes default and unspecific to Kicksecure.

Table: Qubes R4 Inheritance and Persistence

Inheritance [2] Persistence [3] [4] [5] n/a Everything
App [6] /etc/skel/ to /home/ /rw/ (includes /home/ and
Disposable [7] [8] /etc/skel/ to /home/ /rw/ (includes /home/, /usr/local and [9] [10] /rw/ (includes /home/, /usr/local and Nothing

Qubes Template Modifications[edit]

If a Qubes template has been modified, to make changes in App Qubes based on that Template take effect, it is required to shut down the Template and restart the App Qubes based on that Template. This is a Qubes default and unspecific to Kicksecure.

To apply changes made to a Template:

1. Make the required modification to the Template.

2. Shut down the Template.

3. Shut down the App Qube based on the modified Template.

4. Start the App Qube based on the modified Template.

5. Done.

These steps ensure that all changes made to the Template are properly propagated to the App Qubes.


  2. Upon creation.
  3. Following shutdown.
  5. The former name was Template.
  6. The former name was AppVM or TemplateBasedVM.
  8. Former names included Disposables Template, DVM Template, and DVM.
  10. Former names included Disposables and DispVM.

Unfinished: This wiki is a work in progress. Please do not report broken links until this notice is removed, use Search Engines First and contribute improving this wiki.

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