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Kicksecure Onion Website - How to consistently access the Kicksecure website through its Tor Onion Service


Info Note:

Consistent use of the Kicksecure onion service affords several benefits. It provides alternative end-to-end encryption which is independent from TLS The Web Archive Onion Version certificate authorities and the mainstream Domain Name System and it also reduces the load on Tor exit nodes.

The onion domain of Kicksecure is w5j6stm77zs6652pgsij4awcjeel3eco7kvipheu6mtr623eyyehj4yd.onion.


Or in machine readable format (API), here is a raw link that only shows the onion: raw The Web Archive Onion Version

To use .onion services when browsing follow the links below to the Kicksecure homepage, forums, download, debian repository, issue tracker, or the Kicksecure Debian repository. Tor Browser 9.5 and later features, an opt-in for using onion sites automatically for participating websites. The system administrator of individuals websites can choose to configure this. [1] Direct connects to onion services are harder to track than the Onion-Location opt-in method, which must make DNS requests and web server connections from an exit node before being able to switch to the onion service. The is participating, setting the Onion-Location header.

Forcing onion[edit]

There is currently no known method. This remains undocumented.

  • A) One way might be to configure the browser to block DNS requests to But this is browser specific.
  • B) Another way might be to configure the operating system to block DNS requests to For example on Linux based operating systems using the /etc/hosts file. But this is operating system dependent as well as browser dependent because some browsers such as Firefox in USA use DNS over HTTPS (DoH) or Tor Browser using Tor which results in the browser not asking the operating system to resovle the DNS.

It not using special precautions: Some resources from the clearnet address might be utilized when navigating the onion address. [2] Also note that on a few occasions in the past it was not possible to log in to the Kicksecure forums using the onion address. [3] [4]

Forum Discussion[edit]


  1. The reason is MediaWiki and discourse are using the primary Kicksecure https domain. These webapps do not support multiple domains for the same website. See also Web Application Shortcomings and Privacy on the Kicksecure Website.
  3. This suggests the Kicksecure forums onion address could become (temporarily) inaccessible in the future.

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