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Kicksecure ™ Onion Website - How to consistently access the Kicksecure ™ website through its Tor Onion Service


Info Note:

  • Consistent use of the Kicksecure ™ onion service affords several benefits. It provides alternative end-to-end encryption which is independent from SSL certificate authorities and the mainstream Domain Name System and it also reduces the load on Tor exit nodes.

The onion domain of Kicksecure ™ is w5j6stm77zs6652pgsij4awcjeel3eco7kvipheu6mtr623eyyehj4yd.onion.


Or in machine readable format, here is a raw link that only shows the onion: raw The Web Archive Onion Version

To use .onion services when browsing Kicksecure ™.org follow the links below to the Kicksecure ™ main page, homepage, forums, download page, phabricator site, or the Kicksecure ™ Debian repository.

Note that on a few occasions in the past it was not possible to log in to the Kicksecure ™ forums using the onion address. [1] [2]


  • The user must have Tor Browser installed.
  • A recent (non-ancient) Tor version. [3]


  2. This suggests the Kicksecure ™ forums onion address could become (temporarily) inaccessible in the future.
  3. v3 onion connections require Tor v3.2 or above.

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