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Unless purchasing Professional Support, please do not ask very basic questions like:

  • How do I update Kicksecure ™?
  • How is Kicksecure ™ run on Windows?
  • How does VirtualBox work?
  • How do I do X on operating system Y?

First consider whether someone else has likely raised the exact same question or issue. Experience has shown that most topics have already been discussed within the Kicksecure ™ community and often been documented.

Before asking a question, please first use search engines, refer to the Documentation and query existing threads in the Kicksecure ™ forums.


Existing resources should be consulted for several reasons:

  • Kicksecure ™ is a technological means to security, but staying safe necessitates complete behavioral change; it is a complex problem without an easy solution. The more you know, the safer you can be.
  • Available Documentation can provide answers to some of these questions.
    • Documentation answers are generally of higher quality than information posted in a casual setting (like forums).
  • Some questions/topics are generic in nature and out of scope for Kicksecure ™ -- in these cases the questioner must acquire a basic prerequisite knowledge of computing elsewhere before attempting further procedures.
  • The Free Support Principle Rationale and Support Request Policy Rationale apply.

Developers have made significant efforts to configure safe defaults, but operational security (opsec) is not realized by merely using a suitable platform. Staying safe requires a change of mindset and necessary skills are normally developed via trial and effort, experimentation, and general education.

Computing security is a complex subjecs, which means it is improbable that volunteers can assist with every step of the journey and learning curve. Or course advanced questions about Kicksecure ™ are welcomed, particularly for undocumented use cases. [1]

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  1. Time permitting and when developers have sufficient interest.

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