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An overview of the privacy goals and non-goals of Kicksecure, emphasizing its focus on security over privacy and anonymity.

  • Respect for User Privacy: Kicksecure avoids adding privacy-intrusive features, such as Ubuntu's controversial Amazon search, which transmitted data to Amazon. Furthermore, problematic software like GeoClue is excluded due to privacy concerns associated with
  • Torified Operating System (APT) Upgrades: As documented in the chapter Hardening by Default, Kicksecure features torified operating system (APT) upgrades. This is a security measure designed to mitigate the risk of targeted, malicious software upgrades and should not be misconstrued as a privacy or anonymity feature.
  • Security vs Privacy Project Focus:
    • Kicksecure is primarily a security-focused operating system, emphasizing robust defense measures against various threats.
    • However, it is not primarily designed for privacy or anonymity. Users seeking anonymity should consider using Whonix The Web Archive Onion Version , which is based on, built upon the foundation of Kicksecure.
    • Both Kicksecure and Whonix are developed by the same founder and some of the same contributors and share a history spanning 12 years.
  • Referral to Whonix:
    • For those interested in enhancing their privacy and anonymity, installing Whonix for VirtualBox on top of Kicksecure is straightforward.
    • This can be achieved using the pre-installed Whonix Linux Installer for VirtualBox The Web Archive Onion Version , by executing the command whonix-xfce-installer-cli .
    • For additional details and guidance, the Whonix website is a valuable resource.

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