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sdwdate-gui systray with popup on mouse hover

sdwdate - Secure Distributed Web Date - systray - graphical user interface (GUI) - Homepage


sdwdate-gui is an optional graphical user interface (GUI) for sdwdate. sdwdate-gui can optionally be configured to block networking until sdwdate finishes, preventing potential leakage of the time before it is changed.


Figure: sdwdate-gui Systray with Popup on Mouse Hover

Figure: sdwdate-gui Functions

Figure: sdwdate-gui Successful Time Fetching


Kicksecure for Qubes - Unexpected Autostart of kicksecure[edit]

Follow instructions multiple Kicksecure-Qubes Kicksecure. [1]


Disable Autostart[edit]

The following instructions disable autostart of sdwdate-gui but do not disable autostart of sdwdate.

1. Platform specific notice.

  • Qubes users note: Apply the following steps Kicksecure (kicksecure-17) Template. [2]
  • Other Kicksecure users note: No special notice.

2. Create file /etc/sdwdate-gui.d/50_user.conf. [3]

Open file /etc/sdwdate-gui.d/50_user.conf in an editor with root rights.


This box uses sudoedit for better security.

Kicksecure for Qubes

NOTE: When using Kicksecure-Qubes, this needs to be done inside the Template.

Others and Alternatives

  • This is just an example. Other tools could achieve the same goal.
  • If this example does not work for you or if you are not using Kicksecure, please refer to this link.

sudoedit /etc/sdwdate-gui.d/50_user.conf

3. Paste.


4. Save.

5. Done.

The process of disabling autostart of sdwdate-gui is now complete.

See Also[edit]


The sdwdate-gui source code can be found

Interested readers can follow open sdwdate-gui development discussion


  1. Qubes bug report:
  2. To change this setting per App Qube instead for all App Qubes, alternatively Qubes users might want to use folder /usr/local/etc/sdwdate-gui.d in App Qubes instead of the Template since that folder in AppVM would persist after reboot and does not require changes in Template.

    1. Create folder /usr/local/etc/sdwdate-gui.d. sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/sdwdate-gui.d 2. Then edit file /usr/local/etc/sdwdate-gui.d/50_user.conf instead of /etc/sdwdate-gui.d/50_user.conf.

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