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Things which need to be done.

Assigned to Patrick[edit]

forum allow_username_in_share_links[edit]

Enable allow_username_in_share_links as soon as available.



stream isolation sections need to be rewritten in away which make sense with kicksecure vs whonix (afaik there is no stream isolation within kicksecure).

Make it compatible with kicksecure

Need to be rebased on kicksecure build

Make it compatible with kicksecure

Remove the possibility of unencrypted way


Easy, Intermediate, Legal images are not showing up.

Not there, it has an icon for it with the top icons.

link to twitter tweets.

Update Stream Isolation image in whonix features by using the new modeled one, Same as Tor Connection Destination Viewer

Add kicksecure to debian derivatives list.

  • Fix whonix redirects links from whonix to kicksecure examples: (make them directly linking to kicksecure) to to

  • Separate/Add Qubes into separated mini-navigation for qubes specific instructions/commands.

Assigned to Nurmagoz‎[edit]



1. is now functional.

2. Can be found here:

Now both have a link to Status of external links.

3. Direct links:

4. use checkbox Show rotten links only

5. click submit

after link fixing[edit]

  • grammar research
  • AI research

Done Notifications from Patrick to Nurmagoz‎[edit]

This tasks have been completed by Patrick. This is a notification for Nurmagoz‎. Please check if it is resolved. If resolved, please remove from this list. If not resolved, please re-add to Patrick TODO with a comment what is missing.

General/Useful Notes[edit]

use template kicksecure_wiki[edit]

non-ideal, please do not use:

[ systemcheck]



Suitable for mass search an replace.

Image new format[edit]

Old style:


New style:


Syntax for seo image changed.

Old syntax:

|description=A Crash Course in Anonymity and Security on the Internet.

New syntax:

|description=A Crash Course in Anonymity and Security on the Internet.

(Only the file name is required.)

Test Wiki Query Parameters (DebugJS, without JS..etc)[edit]

Checking Broken Links[edit]

Notice Only[edit]

Notice only. Information only. Not a task.

Keep links such as:


[ Debian manpages: ModeSetting]

Do not change to:


This is because A) is more generic. Debian already redirects to the most recent release and link. No need to use the more specific link which will break in a few years.

Links Knowledge[edit]

In you changed from


That is actually a regression. The first regression is better.

1) The part ?international=true&r=US should not be added. (Don't add bold part. Try if it works without. If it works without, don't add it.)

2) I don't think .com was changed to .nl. It's unlikely that a primarily English news websites changes its domain from .com to .nl. Probably just some weird redirection due to Tor IP and IP detection. That link shouldn't have been changed.

Double Redirects to Single Redirects[edit]


Example bad, now:

Comparison Of Tor with CGI Proxies Proxy Chains and VPN Services -> Comparison Of Tor with CGI Proxies, Proxy Chains, and VPN Services -> Tor vs Proxy

What we need to do is:

Comparison Of Tor with CGI Proxies Proxy Chains and VPN Services -> Tor vs Proxy

Practical fix:

Go to Comparison Of Tor with CGI Proxies Proxy Chains from Special:DoubleRedirects and press on edit and change from:

#REDIRECT [[Comparison Of Tor with CGI Proxies, Proxy Chains, and VPN Services]]


#REDIRECT [[Tor vs Proxy]]

Unfinished: This wiki is a work in progress. Please do not report broken links until this notice is removed, use Search Engines First and contribute improving this wiki.