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Reading documentation without internet connection.


Install package(s) git. Follow steps A to D.

A. Platform specific notice.

B. Update the package lists and upgrade the system The Web Archive Onion Version .

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

C. Install the git package(s).

Using apt command line --no-install-recommends The Web Archive Onion Version is in most cases optional.

sudo apt install --no-install-recommends git

D. Platform specific notice.

E. Done.

The procedure of installing package(s) git is complete.

mkdir ~/Downloads/

cd ~/Downloads/

Use git to download the Kicksecure wiki documentation.

git clone --depth=1


x-www-browser ~/Downloads/kicksecure-wiki-html/Documentation.html


  • Very fast to browse once installed.
  • Higher privacy.


warning Warning: For users who intend to avoid internet connections.

No special measures were taken to enforce not using the internet. When clicking external links, the internet will be used. Browsing offline documentation pages might result in external internet connections. If external content must not be loaded, disable networking of the virtual machine or the host computer.

warning Offline documentation will likely be older than online documentation. For time critical issues such as version numbers refer to the online version.


  • Some links might be broken.
  • Large image view is
  • Simple code boxes. One has to manually select the contents of a code box for copy and paste.
  • Boxes for "click on Expand on the right" are already expanded by default.
  • Layout, tables look a bit different.
  • Other imperfections.

Forum Discussion[edit]

Wiki Database Dump[edit]

A) Kicksecure wiki as mediawiki XML database dump not including full history dumpContent.xml but including all wiki

  • Using git, on gitlab.
  • Ugly binary file.
  • Restoration possible in new mediawiki.
  • rsync://

B) Kicksecure wiki as mediawiki XML database dump including full history but not including wiki images

  • Not using git because file size to big.
  • Ugly binary file.
  • Restoration possible in new mediawiki.
  • rsync://


Recommended steps to restore in a new mediawiki installation:

1) Restore full wiki history.

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/w/maintenance/importDump.php --uploads --dry-run /path/to/wiki-backup-dump-content-full/dumpContent.xml

  • Path to mediawiki maintenance script importDump.php will likely be different.
  • drop: --dry-run
  • Probably also drop (likely broken) --uploads (not important)

2) Restore all wiki images.

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/w/maintenance/importImages.php /path/to/wiki/wiki-backup-dump-content-current/mediafiles

  • Path to mediawiki maintenance script importImages.php will likely be different.
  • Check permissions. Folder to import from must be readable by user www-data. To test, run: sudo -u www-data cp -r /path/to/wiki/wiki-backup-dump-content-current/mediafiles /tmp/delete or so.

Alternative Wiki Backup Formats[edit]

Forum Backups[edit]

Unfinished: This wiki is a work in progress. Please do not report broken links until this notice is removed, use Search Engines First and contribute improving this wiki.

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