Kicksecure ™ for VirtualBox - Testers Only Version

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Ambox warning pn.svg.png Warning: This is the testers-only version of Kicksecure ™ for VirtualBox. For the stable version, go to VirtualBox.

Kicksecure ™ Kicksecure-basic-logo.png for Windows Windows, macOS macOS, Linux Linux inside VirtualBox VirtualBox. FREE

Please choose:

Option 1 : Graphical User Interface (Kicksecure ™ with Xfce)[edit]

Kicksecure ™ Xfce

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use

Option 2 : Text Terminal Only (Kicksecure ™ with CLI)[edit]

Kicksecure ™ Xfce

  • Advanced users
  • Low system requirements

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